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about the restaurant

Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine has a culinary tradition of some 4ooo years and is a part of the history and the culture of Greece. Its flavors change with season and its geography. Culinary influence came from Romans, Balkans, Turks with each successive invasion and settlement. Family is a big part of a Greek tradition and culture. Gathering together they share a meal, laugh, love, live…
We invite you to visit our wonderful
Restaurant El Greco with an authentic cuisine. There is cozy and homie atmosphere that will take you away to an unforgettable culinary journey of Mediterranean taste. Everyday we are waiting for you from 12 till 23.

Why belarus?

Chen, the owner of El Greco, dreamed to have cozy atmospheric restaurant but not a big one. He traveled a lot, got acquainted with the culture and traditions of different countries. Greece got under his skin. He lived here for many years. Once in Brest, he decided to open Greek country for residents and visitors of the city. Here his dream came true. To make everything due to reality, Chen paid a lot of  attention to design and menu, even invited cooks from Greece and Israel to make El Greco more authentic.